Christian and Jewish Charities Supporting Israel

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If you’re one of those many who were shocked by the massacre on 7th October and just wanted to rush there to help, you’ve probably spent hours praying for God’s chosen people like we do.

And while we can’t just pack our bags and rush to help like we wish we could, we can still support the Jewish people by sending funds to local ministries with boots on the ground. Here’s a list of Christian, Jewish, and Messianic charities and trusts that align with Biblical values that you can support.

Christians in Israel providing for Jewish needs

1. FIRM – Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries

Wayne Hilsden and Michael Mistretta started FIRM because they believe that Israel can make an impact on everyone’s life, and everyone has a role to play in Israel’s story. Their vision is to unite and strengthen the local believing body in Israel, through the global Church.

Today they support many local ministries like Be’ad Chaim, Chaim BeShefa, HaTikva Project, Vision for Israel and more.

FIRM Israel is helping the thousands of people who have been displaced from the border towns of Judea and Samaria. They’re also doing a Pray by Name for the Israeli hostages that Hamas has kidnapped right now. To date, the person I’m praying for has not yet been released. But we won’t give up. There’s more than enough time to keep storming heaven.

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More details here:
Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries
97 Jaffa Street, 21st Floor,
Jerusalem, Israel 91003

2. Messiah’s Mandate

An organization that takes care of the Jewish People whether or not they’ve met the Messiah, Ron Cantor and his friends were recently in the news.

They’ve been collecting funds to purchase equipment for IDF soldiers. So Atara Beck of the Jerusalem Post calls them out for “taking advantage of the war situation to spread the gospel in Israel.” Are they doing that? Or are they helping all Jewish people regardless of what they think or believe? That’s up to you to decide.

More details here:
Messiah’s Mandate
PO Box 535157,
Grand Prairie, TX 75035

3. Vision for Israel

Decades ago, when I first became a Christian, one of the first few TV shows we used to watch as a family was that of Barry and Batya Segal at Vision for Israel. We loved how real and authentic they were, and how they helped transform the lives of the Jews who lived below the poverty lines and also the new immigrants making Aliyah.

Nowadays, they’re also making a mark by helping survivors, lonely soldiers, and children at risk.

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Connect with Vision for Israel
Hazon Le’Israel
P.O. Box 9145
Modi’in, 7178451
Telephone: +972 (8) 978 6400

Charities that Stand with Israel and Fight Antisemitism

1. CUFI – Christians United for Israel

As Israelis bury their dead and pro-Hamas demonstrations take place in cities across the world,  launched a national campaign to show that they stand with Israel. With a membership of over 10 million Christians who support and stand for Israel, and acting with one voice in defense of Israel and the Jewish people.

More details here:
Christians United for Israel
PO Box 1307
San Antonio, TX 78295-1307
+1-(210) 477-4714

2. Proclaiming Justice to The Nations

When she found her children’s school textbooks contained anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti-American content, Started by Laurie Cardoza Moore switched to home-schooling her kids, and started the charity calle dProclaiming Justice to The Nations (“PJTN”). PJTN works to educate and activate Christians, Jews and all people of conscience to build a global community of action and prayer in support of Israel and the Jewish people. Their main battlegrounds in the war against antisemitism are the schools, colleges, churches and the media.

More details here:
Proclaiming Justice to The Nations
P.O. Box 682711 Franklin, TN. 37068
Phone: 615-778-0202

This is a work-in-progress list of Christian charities that support Israel. If you know of any others that should be added to this list ping

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