Why Believers Should Not Celebrate Halloween?

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As Christian or Messianic believers in Jesus, we’re often faced with questions of what’s right and wrong, what’s proper and improper, what’s allowed or not allowed, and on what side of the fence to stand.

One of these many important questions is on the topic of Halloween. Can Christians celebrate Halloween? Is it just trick or treating? Candy and costumes and a bit of fun? Or does the ruse on October 31st run deeper? Is there more happening at All Hallows Eve than the average believer understands?

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Living in India, we’re surrounded by dozens of pagan festivals happening throughout the year. Some Indian Christians think it’s okay to participate in festivals of other religions. But we base our lives on the Bible, and abstain from celebrating.

We’re lucky enough though, that Halloween is not celebrated in India, and we don’t celebrate Halloween. And even if it were, we would refrain from participating in this occult festival.

Many Christian believers across the globe think that it’s okay to celebrate Halloween. The big companies dress it up with candy and treats and cute costumes for the kids to make it sound innocent. But it’s not.

What is All Hallows Eve? Where did Halloween Originate?

The truth is that Halloween is not a Christian festival. It is based on the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, a Druid celebration of the New Year and the changing of the season from summer to winter.

Summer’s end or Samhain (pronounced sah-win) was seen as the beginning of a time when plants no longer grew in winter and many died in the cold of winter. This one night, Samhain, was believed by the Druids (Celtic priests) to be the day when the spirits of those who died the preceding year roamed the earth.

On the eve before New Year, they would gather and dance around bonfires to keep evil spirits away, but they would keep the doors to their homes open so that their loved ones would visit. Offerings from that year’s harvest were given to appease the spirits and deities, so that didn’t destroy their crops. Animal offerings were also given.

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The Celts would wear costumes of animal skin and skulls and play tricks on each other or try to tell their fortunes.

When the Romans conquered areas of Ireland and UK, these Celtic traditions were incorporated into the Roman holiday of Feralia, which honored the dead.

This was very similar to the other pagan Roman festival of Lemuria or the Day of the Dead that was celebrated in May by early Romans. They would offer cakes and other food items to restless spirits and ghosts and perform exorcisms and other rites to protect the living from the spirits who roamed freely on these days.

Later on, as Christianity began to spread across Europe, a lot of it was wrongfully brought under command of the Roman Catholic Church. As this church spread, it incorporated local customs into feast days in an effort to assimilate the European pagans into the early Roman Catholic Church.

In the early 7th century, Pope Boniface IV changed Lemuria to All Martyrs Day on 13 May and then Pope Gregory III changed it to All Saints Day on 1 November, and then in the 10th century, All Souls Day was added to honor the dead family members.

Many other traditions were incorporated into the festival over time. Take the bobbing of apples so that young partners would find matches and marry next, or avoiding black cats because they’re actually witches, or pranking others with burning cabbage stalks, carving Jack-o-Lanterns to scare away wandering evil spirits, and others.

But were any of these days part of the original Christian church? No. Were they ever mentioned in the Bible? Not really. Well, there is one reference to the Israelites making cakes and offerings and lighting fires for the Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah 7:17-20, but that kindled God’s anger. Understand?

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Cut to modern times. Since many Christian believers are unaware of the origins of the festival and what the pumpkins and costumes actually mean, they’re easily tricked into the web that is woven around them.

Halloween is not just candies and costumes and a day of revelry. It has a much darker meaning.

So here are a few reasons why Christians must not celebrate Halloween?

It’s a Festival of Death

Romans 13:12 tells us to cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.

Halloween celebrates death, ghosts and witchcraft. Our Abba is a God of light and life. If you really believe in Abba, why would you celebrate something that’s totally the opposite of what Heaven says?

Halloween candies are Prayed Over

Apart from looking cute in costumes, candies are the main reason that kids get dressed up for Halloween. But even if you’re doing it just because of peer pressure, you should know this. Many Wiccans, Satanists, and other satanic priests and priestesses pray over the candy before giving it out. Their version of praying involves rituals and rites that will draw your child and you into the bosom of the other one. If after participating in Halloween, you wonder why your child is acting up or becoming irresponsible, here’s why.

If you’ve heard John Ramirez, sharing these candies and participating in Halloween opens doors for the enemy to enter your life, and the lives of your loved ones. You open doors that are difficult to close without the blood of Jesus.

Don’t celebrate Halloween, take your family apple picking instead!

Christians aren’t meant to fit in, but to stand out

The Fifth and Second Books of Moses condemn witchcraft (Deuteronomy 18:10-12 or Exodus 22:18).

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There is no middle ground or similarity between Halloween and Christian celebrations. They both serve different gods. The rampant or hidden witchcraft on Halloween serves the god of the earth aka Lucifer or Satan, but we’re here to serve the God of Heaven, our only Abba.

As a Christian, you’re not expected to be like the rest of the world. You are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14), and as such you cannot serve two masters, Jesus and Satan. It’s time to choose.

Halloween is the Devil’s Holiday

Halloween is the Devil’s holiday. It’s a high holiday for the Wiccans. It brings glory to the devil.

Former Satanist John Ramirez, was a high-ranking devil worshipper warlock for 25 years of his life. He was in the highest realms of the demonic. But after he died in 1999 in the Bronx, he met the devil and Jesus in person and was saved. Since then he has been saving many others from the dark side.

In this video, John Ramirez said that even if you dress up as an innocent angel or a mermaid for Halloween, “you give the devil the legal rights to change your identity.”

If you’ve participated in Halloween, there is still hope. Simply repent, go back to Abba, and ask Him for forgiveness for you and your bloodline, and promise that you will never take part in this evil celebration again. The blood covers all and there is grace for those who repent.

And when your neighbors come to your door expecting treats, give them Jesus. Like Pastor Vlad Savchuk says, ‘I don’t celebrate Halloween for the same reason that Satanists don’t celebrate the Ressurection. Light has no fellowship with darkness!’

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