Why Christians should not practice yoga

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Excerpts from a letter I once wrote in response to a pen-friend practising yoga.

I live in India, so it’s only normal that everywhere I go, there’d be at least one sighting of a yoga class or an advert for one. It’s a part of the local culture. Even some of the churches have incorporated it into their system, assuming that it helps people.

But yoga cannot mix with true Christianity. Yes, I know the Catholic church and some other churches allow it. But do you know that when you’re saying the spiritual ‘Om’ you’re actually giving Satan a foothold in your life?

This belief in a recurring truth in all religions that many people offer, some of my friends ascribe to it too. One says it makes her more spiritual. The other says there must be more than Jesus, that Jesus is not enough. One friend says yoga connects her to the Father of Lights, one says yoga connects him to the Holy Spirit. And they think they’ve found peace and the meaning of life; – that Jesus is only a part of this great universal being or spirit, that there were many other forerunners of Jesus, that he is one of many roads to finding ones true self, to finding the real Christ, to getting in tune with the universe, to finding the reasons we’re here.

Their feel-good post-Christianity is blind and there’s a veil over their eyes that prevents them from truly seeing. Other religions cannot lead you to find your true self. Only love can do that. And the only truest love is the lamb of God, the ultimate sacrifice dying for you on that cross.

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But Satan is real – that beautiful, magnificent, glorious creature that was the crown of God’s creation till his heart was turned – he just wanted to be loved by God more than Jesus was, but he went about it the wrong way. Yes, it’s easy to feel sorry for him sometimes. As humans with such degrees of frailty, It’s really easy to identify with the one who does wrong.

But Lucy has created so many pseudo religions and theologies, where he mixes the truth with lies that’s it difficult to differentiate the truth from his falsehood. And yoga is one of them.

There are a lot of reasons that yoga opens the wrong doors. The different yoga postures are offerings to their hundreds (or millions) of gods. The snake spirit (Kundalini yoga) makes you see with your chakra or third eye, which you may think is wisdom from God and the Holy Spirit, but it’s not. The Aum, the cosmic sound that gets you in tune with the universe, and makes you wise; it’s not the cosmic sound, it’s the sound that tells Abba that you are lost in Satan’s lies and that you are open to powers and principalities. There are a lot more reasons.

Some of my friends say they got into yoga because of the peace it got them. But really, Buddha and the heart sutras. How can someone who left his own wife and baby to fend for themselves found a religion? I’m not saying he didn’t grow wiser as time passed. But at what cost? How can you guide the world or profess to care for it if you don’t care for your own?

This religion of emptying oneself leads to making room for something else. So what are you making room for? If it’s not the Holy Spirit or Ruach HaKodesh that comes from Abba, it is the Spirit of the world that masquerades as holiness and light. When we’re filled with the Holy Spirit, everything else about us that’s not from Abba will leave us, hopefully instantly, but sometimes slowly.

Many suffering and gullible people think yoga is just an outlet to connect better with God, but if they really opened their eyes, they’d be able to see the real origins of yoga. This video interview with a former Christian yoga teacher might explain it better https://youtu.be/W05B4Ci9pjo

Why not replace the yoga in your life with meditative worship or simply meditating on the Word of God? Or spending time in the scriptures and praise and worship? Or just asking Abba what His plans for you are.

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