Why should Christians invest in Gold?

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As an Indian, and an East Indian, wearing gold forms a big part of my cultural identity. We’re brought up to love that shiny metal and we wear it from the time we’re infants. Did you know our ears get pierced for traditional hoop earrings when we are less than a year old?

But apart from our love for gold and silver jewelry that stems from our roots, as Christians, we must also invest in gold and silver.

Why? Because God loves gold. Remember, heaven is filled with streets of gold?

Gold in the Bible

Even way back in the beginning (Bereshit/Genesis 2:11), it is mentioned that the river Pishon flowed to the land of Havilah where there is gold. Now where Havilah was exactly is something many Hebrew and Christian scholars differ on.

The Jewish Encyclopedia places it in the Assyrian ‘Mas’. The McClintock and Strong Biblical Encycolpedia isn’t sure if it’s in Chwala, on the Caspian Sea, or near the Ganges in India. But one thing is certain – that God said the gold of the land was good.

A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden. From there it divided and became four riverheads.

The name of the first is Pishon, the one that winds around the whole land of the Havilah, where there is gold.

The gold of that land is good—bdellium and lapis lazuli stones are also there.

(Genesis 2:10-12 – Bereshit 2:10-12 – Tree of Life Version)

Our Abba Father called the gold good, just like He called the land and sea, nature and animal-kind, and the separation of light from darkness, when He created the world and everything in it. (Genesis 1 / Bereshit 1)

If that’s not a good enough reason to invest in gold, here are more.

Gold is a symbol of Royalty and Nobility

I don’t remember who said ‘Gold’s luster doesn’t change, just like God’s nature’, but that is so true. Have you ever noticed that pure gold never tarnishes? Mixtures of copper and gold, or gold mixed with other metals (zinc, nickel, silver) to make jewelry may tarnish, but pure 24-carat gold simply won’t get dirty ever.

In Psalm 119:127, the psalmist talks about how he loves God’s commandments more than fine gold (pure gold aka 24-carat gold). This shows that even in Biblical times, gold was of importance.

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Pharoah put a chain of gold around Joseph’s neck. The wise men gave the newborn Yeshua gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

King David gave ‘300 talents (115 tonnes) of the finest gold and 7000 talents (265 tons) of pure silver’ from his personal collection for the building of the temple (1 Chronicles 29:3 GNT).

King Solomon had more gold than one could imagine. Just read 1 Kings Chapter 10 to get an idea. He asked for ‘biyn’ (Hebrew word for wisdom) and he was given spiritual understanding and favor and blessing followed. The fact that he went astray is another topic – the frailties and follies of human flesh tear at Abba’s heart.

But as children of the Most High God, shouldn’t we display or royalty by owning a piece of the metal that God himself created.

Plus, remember, if you’ve read the book of Revelation, one of the most important Christian books you’ll ever read, you should be prepared for what’s coming. When money will be of no value, physical gold and silver might still offer some comfort, as in they’ll be tradeable for food and other items.

Gold and silver coins.

Abba used Gold, Silver, and Copper to Design His Holy Temple

But go back even further to the Book of Exodus, and you’ll see that Abba asked Moses and Aaron to build His temple with gold, silver, and copper. (Exodus 27, Exodus 30, Exodus 38, DARBY Translation) (Some Bible’s say bronze or brass.)

Copper was used in the outer courts of the temple. Silver, the metal of redemption was used to form the connecting rods and hooks in the outer court and the bases of the items in the sanctuary. (Exodus 38, TLV) Abba coated everything in the Holy of Holies with gold as a reminder of His purity and radiance, of His Holiness.

Why these three elements? Because they’re among the purest noble metals that are corrosion-resistant and retain their original state even when tarnished.

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Even though many lists state that ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum, mercury, and gold are noble elements (with different variations), in physics, there are only three noble metals: copper, silver, and gold.

Noble metals are those that have filled d-bands no matter what atomic state they’re in. Palladium almost made it to this list because it has a full d-band, but it didn’t because when in the atomic state, its d-band loses electrons to the partially filled sp-band.

In layman’s terms, a metal may be considered noble, if it’s easy to clean because it doesn’t corrode or get dirty with time.

Let’s start with copper. It’s an affordable metal that is easily available, but easily tarnished. But it’s also easy to clean. You know that, right? When you use copper utensils or need to clean the copper/brass burners of the stove, you leave them overnight in a mix of vinegar and water and then rub them with a soft cloth in the morning.

This copper represents our human nature, a mixture of sin and an aspiration for consecration and holiness. Abba cleans us and we’re made clean again.

Copper (brass/bronze) also represents His judgment, what happens if we do not obey. (Leviticus 26:19 KJV)

Silver on the other hand can turn brownish or black with use, but it can be easily cleaned with just water and baking soda. Mind you, that’s 925 silver that’s usually available in the market. If you buy coins or slabs of 999 silver, the softer purer kind, it’s even more corrosion-resistant.

Some say that because it’s the best conductor of electricity, it represents the connection between heaven and earth, between Abba and His people, east to tarnish, but with His Grace, so easy to make new again.

Gold is the most corrosion-resistant metal. It was used in the inner sanctuary. While the Tabernacle was made of pure gold, the priestly garments were made of ordinary gold (a mix of copper and gold). These are easy to clean too; all you need is baking soda or vinegar or sour limes or lemons.

Gold, the purest metal, the softest, is seen by the Hebrews as a metal made by Yahweh himself, and copper as its human-made counterpart.

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When the end comes, we will be refined as gold (1 Peter 1:7). Gold reflects that glory that will one day be revealed to us when we are purified as silver and shall see Him face to face.

Heaven is filled with Gold

When John talks about the New Jerusalem in Revelation chapter 21, the angel holds in his hand a rod of gold (Rev 21:15 TLV), ‘the city was made of pure gold, clear as glass’ (Rev 21:18 TLV), and ‘the street of the city was pure gold, transparent as glass’ (Rev 21:18 TLV).

Is it possible that after Adam and Eve had to leave paradise aka the Garden of Eden, Abba may have left gold on earth to leave us a tangible reminder of what our real home is like? And what we one day will go home to? Or is it possible that Abba left gold on earth because it radiates and resembles His presence in our lives?

Gold is a Transactional Metal

Should you invest in gold? Ask yourself these questions. Do you want to be financially secure without having all your assets locked in a bank? If the internet failed for a week or a month or a year, would you have enough cash or moolah in other forms in your possession to trade? If all the banks crashed and your money was suddenly worth nothing, would having an ounce of gold to your name make a difference?

Remember, gold should not be looked at as a material possession, but rather as means to do good for His kingdom. We are merely conduits for Abba’s treasures to flow to His people, us owning gold or silver is simply making more provision for materials to be put to kingdom use.

In the end, investing in gold is really a personal choice that you should make after communing with the Holy Spirit. But if you ask me, there are more points for investing than those against.

Your thoughts? Comment and let me know!

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    • Hi Miriam,
      You’ll want to purchase physical gold coins in different sizes. There are people who invest in gold in the stock market, but those are not tangible assets, so aren’t really recommended. Unless of course, you have more than enough income to buy both virtual and physical gold.
      You can buy gold coins as small as half a gram to start with, or even gold jewellery (since it’s both for use and an investment). Ask the Holy Spirit for help with your decision making.


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