Rest in Me – Poem HS Gave Me for A friend

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Sometimes when I pray, HS gives me specific words for friends. Of course, those words are very personal, so I can’t share those. But sometimes, there are sometimes words that I get as poems that can be applicable to others too. These words I can share with others too; so here is one for you.

Just like your name you’re strong and wise,
just look at me with your inquisitive eyes.
You are good and you are grace,
I love to look upon your face.

My child keep coming back to me,
For I see who you are going to be.
There’s no distance between us now,
it’s time to put your hand to the plough.

I’m going to take you to the top
of mountains and hills to harvest my crop.
There’s much to be done, and people may jest,
but my will you’ll accomplish if in me you rest.

**Your name here**, my lovely one,
come away with me, let our joy be one.

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