A Word for My Son

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This I what I heard from the HS for my friend Phil while praying in the middle of the night. This is posted with his permission. Maybe it resonates with you too.

“You have studied a lot. What have you studied?”
“Remember what you have studied for I will use it for my glory.”

There’s a job that you have been called to do,
You know it and your friends do too,
Just focus on my words, focus on my love,
And you’ll soon soar to the heights up above.

Let me take you to where you need to be,
The path is made clear, my vision you’ll see,
You are a doorway to thousand souls
Reap them for my kingdom, help make them whole.

The loss you have suffered, it has been great,
but I go with you, just keep the faith,
the ways I will use you, even you’ll be amazed,
by your works my son, my name will be praised.

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  1. I have never seriously followed a blog / vlog until now, but this one is just too good…the one from the Poinsur village got me hooked on…My kids are loving it they are studuying at Our Lady of Remedy..Really Nice Posts!!


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