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Cooking is my favorite past-time, other than reading lots of books, going down research-based rabbit holes or spending time with Jesus. And many of my recipes from Abby’s Plate have become pretty popular. These recipes from the indigenous East Indian Christians of Mumbai are now also available in my cookbooks. Whether you’re East Indian or not, you’ll love them!

The books are available online and in stores across the globe, but we’ve tried to list a few of them for your benefit. Sometimes you’ll also find us at different events in Mumbai or Pune.

PS. We’re listing the books in reverse chronological order, aka newest books or latest editions first.

East Indian Celebration: Festive Recipes from Abby’s Plate – Second Edition & Indian Reprint 

East Indian celebration book cover.

The Second Edition and Indian Reprint of this book features 64 festive recipes from Mumbai’s indigenous East Indian Christians, a mix of Maharashtrian and Portuguese cuisine that has been handed down through the centuries. If you want to try the mouth-watering spicy recipes we make for celebrations, look no further.

These recipes are made for the harvest festival called Augera, the church feast called Deolacha San, Christmas dinner, Easter lunch, wedding celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

If you want to take a peek at the cookbooks before buying, you can grab a copy in Mumbai from your representative at the Mobai Gaothan Panchayat or walk in to these stores in Mumbai.

St Paul Book And Art Centre
1st floor, St Paul Media Complex,
St Theresa Rd, Opp Durulo Convent school,
Bandra West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400050
+91 22 2640 7127

Pauline Book & Media Centre
143, Waterfield Road,
Bandra West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400050
084335 37946

Or if you want a bigger discount, you can pick up a copy for INR 470 from my dad Cornel in Poisar (9819691124).

If you’re interested in reselling our books or want to buy over 10 copies to share with friends and family, we give them to you at INR 400 each till July 2024. After that, the publisher has increased the price so you’ll get them at INR 470 each and can sell up to MRP 700. Contact dad at the number above or connect with me at or ping me on Facebook.

Happy readers with the EIC Book

Reader Reviews

“Heartiest congratulations on publishing the East Indian Recipe book. The book is just awesome and all the details and photos are simply fantastic.”
– Cadigan Miranda, Kalina, Mumbai, India (29 Nov 2023)

“It was wonderful to meet Abby, and check out her books on East Indian cooking. The books contain several delicacies which constitute the centuries-old food heritage of the East Indians. Above all, they highlight the diversity of India and Indian food as well, showcasing a range of flavors and dishes.”
Riddhima Basiya (7 Dec 2023)

“ I love this, it’s very nostalgic. Reminds me of my East Indian upbringing.”
– Jana Fernandes, Perth, Western Australia

Christmas With the Rebellos: East Indian Meals & Desserts from Abby’s Plate

Christmas with the rebellos book cover.

Christmas in an East Indian family is a big deal. With friends and family coming over, the dishes are prepared days in advance, and sweets start being made from the beginning of December. Try these mouth-watering appetisers, starters, mains, sides, breads, and dessert recipes from our culture.

Here are a few online stores where you can grab a copy of the Christmas with the Rebellos East Indian Cookbook if you don’t grab it directly from us or St. Paul’s in Bandra.

East Indian Celebration: 30 Festive Recipes from Abby’s Plate 

**Please scroll up for the Second Edition which has more recipes.

Cover of Celebrate East Indian book.

Featuring traditional festive recipes from Mumbai’s indigenous East Indian Christians, a wedding of Maharashtrian and Portuguese cuisine that has been handed down through the centuries. If you want to try mouth-watering spicy recipes from a culture that’s almost unheard of, look no further. Here are a few other locations where you can grab a copy of the East Indian Celebration book.

Some of Our Happy Readers, many of them family

Lady holding a copy of the East Indian Celebration cookbook.
Aunty Trilby in Australia (13 June 2023)

Reviews from Readers

“Got it. Well done. Sukhala.
– Aunt Trilby, Perth, Australia (13 June 2023)

Easter with the Rebellos: East Indian Festive Lunch Menu

Easter with the rebellos book cover.

I’m an East Indian by ethnicity, but I’m not from Eastern India. Explaining that East Indians are actually Portuguese Christians from Mumbai in Western India ends up in rather long conversations.

But once my readers get to know our food, there are always questions about specific times of the year such as Easter, and what the best traditional options are. So here it is, a curated list of what we cook for Easter meals, all the way from snacks to desserts such as blanc mange and marzipan Easter eggs.

Some of Our Happy Readers

UK neighbor with cookbook.
Reader from UK with the Easter Cookbook (21 Aug 2023)
Lady reading Abby's Easter cookbook - mutton khudi recipe.
Reader from UK with the Easter Cookbook (21 Aug 2023)

PS. There is a bit of overlap between Easter/Christmas and the Festive book since many of the recipes made for feasts like Christmas and Easter are the same, so you might want to decide to pick just one from these.

The other upcoming books cater to different categories – offal, sweets, and everyday cooking.

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