What Souvenirs to buy in Paris

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Paris is perfect any time of the year. You can fall in love with the city whether it’s winter, summer, or spring. Full of history and charm, it’s the perfect holiday destination. And it’s only fair that you go home with bags full of souvenirs.

But what souvenirs should you buy in Paris or France? What trinkets can you take home to remind you of your time in the City of Lights. Here are some memorable things to buy in Paris. Make sure to add them to your Paris shopping list!

1. Faberge Eggs

Faberge Eggs.
Faberge Eggs
By Sarah & Ivo from Abby’s Hearth

An egg that is sought after around the world, the Faberge eggs shot to fame after Czar Alexander III gifted his wife Empress Maria Feodorovna, the infamous Hen Egg for Easter in 1885. This also resulted in Gustav Faberge being made the supplier to the Imperial court.

Faberge went on the establish the House of Faberge which sold priceless eggs including the Rothschild Egg that sold for almost 7 million Euros.

So what has this to do with France or Paris? The Faberge family’s origins can be traced back to the Picardy region of France, and became popular here to.

If you’re visiting Paris or France in general, buy a Faberge egg. The real ones from Chronopassion on Rue Saint Honoré or from Hu Horlogerie on Rue la Boétie might be a tad expensive, a lot expensive actually, costing thousands of dollars.

But there are many stores and street stalls selling replicas. This is one such replica that my father-in-law (Ivo’s dad) bought on a trip to the city long ago. It’s still beautiful.

By Sarah & Ivo from Abby’s Hearth

2. Scarves

Variety of scarves in Paris.
Scarves in Paris
By Lisa Garrett of Waves and Cobblestones

Scarves are the perfect souvenir to buy in Paris! You’ll immediately feel more Parisian wearing this iconic French fashion accessory as you stroll down the Champs-Élysées or gaze down upon the city from the summit of the Eiffel Tower.

Scarves come in all the colors of the rainbow, so you’re sure to find one in your favorite shade. Choose a scarf in a light fabric for warm summer days, or a heavier fabric to ward off the chill when taking a night tour of Paris.

Best of all, scarves take up very little space and can easily fit into your carry-on luggage when it’s time to head back home. Every time you wear your scarf, you’ll think of your wonderful visit to the City of Light!

By Lisa Garrett of Waves and Cobblestones

3. Original artwork from Montmarte

People viewing the artwork at Monmarte.
Artwork at Monmarte
By Zhen from A Love Letter To Asia

Paris has long been associated with famous artists, from Monet to Chagall. Montmartre, a touristy village on a hilltop, has been drawing artists to it for 100s of years (since the 1800s.)

Even today, many artists congregate in the square- artists actually need a licence to work here! If you enjoyed the bustling, artistic atmosphere of Montmartre or 1 of the many museums in Paris, what better way to remember your trip than by supporting 1 of the new artists in the square and returning home with an original piece of artwork?

It doesn’t have to be something expensive- when I visited Paris as a student, I paid a few Euro for a caricature of myself!

You’ll not only have a beautiful souvenir to remember your trip, you’ll know that you’re helping to support someone’s dream too!

By Zhen from A Love Letter To Asia

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4. Macarons

Colorful Macarons for the display.
By Sabrina from Shades of Summr

Macarons are the perfect souvenir to bring home from Paris.

Macarons are one of the most traditional sweet treats served in Paris as desserts or paired with a glass of original Champagne from France. They are available in many different flavors and incredible colors.

The best macarons in Paris can be found at Laduree. Not only do they serve traditional flavors, but also have exquisite new things to try, such as macarons with gold sprinkles.

They pack them up in cute little boxes – perfect to take home. Bringing souvenirs from local production and cultural value is something I definitely recommend.

Macarons don’t take up a lot of space, and most people find them divine. It is the perfect souvenir from Paris.

By Sabrina from Shades of Summr

5. Book purchased and stamped from the famous Shakespeare and Co

Books and bag at Shakespeare and Co.
Shakespeare and Co
By Lindsey from Sipping Sunset

Purchase a book at the famous Shakespeare and Company! Inside this English-speaking bookshop, you’ll find covers filling every nook and cranny.

It’s one of the most popular and Instagramable spots in the Latin Quarter! Most days there is a line to get in, so show up early. Wander through the store and up the worn steps.

Look out the window overlooking the majestic Notre Dame just like many of the most famous writers of the 1920s, like Hemingway and Fitzgerald. It’s a magical place!

Most importantly, purchase a book to take home as a souvenir. At checkout, you will get a stamp in the front of your book and a complimentary bookmark. This experience truly is heaven-on-earth for book lovers!

By Lindsey from Sipping Sunset

6. Painting or print of Paris

Water color painting at Paris.
Painting of Paris
By Amber from Get Lost in Wanderlust

A print or painting is a perfect souvenir from Paris. Across Paris, there are small stands of artists selling prints and paintings, especially along the Seine River.

One reason Paris is worth visiting is to walk around and admire the beautiful landmarks. There are so many beautiful prints of Parisian landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and Sacré Coeur, that you are sure to find something meaningful.

It is a souvenir that will remind you of your time in Paris every time you look at it. This is a wonderful option if you are celebrating an anniversary or special occasion in Paris, as you can add the date to the back of it so that you’ll always remember spending that time in France.

A print or painting is also a lovely souvenir to bring as a gift for someone, as it is small and easy to pack yet represents Paris.

By Amber from Get Lost in Wanderlust

7. Notebook with Paris Insignia

Notebook with Paris design on the cover.
Notebook with Paris design
By Stephanie from Bey of Travel

A Paris-inspired notebook is the perfect souvenir to bring back from a trip to Paris. Not only is it functional, but it also serves as a reminder of the beautiful sights and sounds experienced in one of the world’s most romantic cities.

You can choose from a variety of designs from iconic monuments such as Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum, to some of the city’s most beautiful parks. Notebooks are small, and can be easily packed in your carryon.

Paris-inspired notebooks also make for useful travel gifts as they are perfect for jotting down quick notes on the go such as hotel and transportation information and important dates.

You can also get a larger Paris-inspired notebook that is great for journaling or taking notes in class.

By Stephanie from Bey of Travel

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8. Mariage Freres from Paris

Tea box and cup saucer placed on the table.
Tea in Paris
By Sophie from Delightful Travel Notes

Tea is a delightful souvenir to buy in Paris, a city with a refined tea culture. It is also lightweight and can easily fit into your luggage.

The prestigious tea houses dotted around the city offer visitors a variety of aromatic blends that capture the essence of Parisian elegance. An exceptional tea house in Paris is Mariage Frères, one of the oldest and most respected tea brands in France. A trip to one of their stores is an experience in itself.

Mariage Frères has a large selection of flavors, ranging from traditional blends to inventive ones. One of their best-selling blends is Marco Polo. This complex black tea boasts a fruity, floral flavor with hints of strawberry and vanilla.

Another notable mention is Kusmi Tea, known for its unique tea blends. Whether for your own enjoyment or as a gift, the fine teas from these tea houses are a great reminder of Parisian sophistication and elegance.

By Sophie from Delightful Travel Notes

9. Beret from Paris

Eiffel Tower Replica on a Beret.
By Alexandra from The Alternative Travel Guide

The beret is a symbol of Paris and one of the best souvenirs you can bring back from a trip to this romantic city.

The beret appeared in France, and at first, it was used by peasants and shepherds to save them from the vagaries of the weather. This headdress protected them from wind, sun, and cold.

In the 15th century, the beret became popular with rich people. Made of velvet or silk, the beret was decorated with embroidery, ostrich feathers, pearls, and brooches with precious stones. Both women and men wore berets.

A new round of beret popularity came in the 18th century. Beret became a favorite attribute in the artistic environment. Artists wore soft berets of black, blue, or red color. And to this day, this is how artists are portrayed.

In the 20th century, beret became a popular headdress among all classes of society, and its popularity spread far beyond the borders of France.

You can buy a beret in any tourist boutique in Paris, but if you are looking for a really high-quality thing that will be not only a souvenir, but also a stylish hat, it is better to buy a woolen beret in a headwear store.

By Alexandra from The Alternative Travel Guide

10. Hot chocolate mix from Angelina Paris

Angelina Hot Chocolate Mix cream and cup saucer placed on the table.
Angelina Hot Chocolate Mix
By Denise from Chef Denise

Founded in 1903, the Parisian café Angelina is famous for three things. First, for its rich thick hot chocolate some call the best in the world. Second, for the chestnut cream pastry, the Mont Blanc. And third, it was the favored café of Coco Chanel who always sat at the same table and loved the hot chocolate.

Luckily nowadays, Angelina sells the mix for their world-renown Chocolat Chaud à l’Ancienne (old-fashioned hot chocolate) at their café on Rue de Rivoli right across from the Jardins des Tuileries. If you are a chocolate lover visiting the City of Lights, bringing home the secret chocolate mix from Angelina Paris is a must.

By Denise from Chef Denise

11. Antique books

Antique Books store on the banks of Seine River
Antique Bookstores
By Constance from A Well-Read Wanderer

One of my favourite souvenirs to buy in Paris and elsewhere around the globe is a unique antique book or print. Antique books make beautiful souvenirs, because they look great on your shelf at home and will forever remind you of that special trip to Paris.

Plus, it’s unique and original, not mass-produced kitsch imported from another country like most souvenir shops offer. There are so many great Paris bookstores that sell books in English and French, beyond the ever-popular Shakespeare & Company bookstore.

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Take time to peruse the offerings of the famous bouquinistes that line the Seine river.

By Constance from A Well-Read Wanderer

12. Tote bag from Paris

Tote Bag placed on a table.
Tote Bag
By Kristin from Global Travel Escapades

Another fantastic souvenir to get from Paris is a tote bag! As you walk around Paris, you may notice that most of the locals utilize tote bags instead of large purses. This is because tote bags are both affordable and practical for day-to-day use. Therefore, if you want to bring a piece of Paris with you, consider getting yourself a tote bag that will remind you of your time in the City of Lights!

For example, you can get a tote bag with a design of Monet’s famous Water Lilies painting to commemorate a visit to his home in Giverny. Or, if you visited the Louvre, get a tote bag with an art piece you saw and enjoyed. Overall, a tote bag is a great souvenir as they’re useful, and you can easily find all kinds of tote bags across the city!

By Kristin from Global Travel Escapades

13. Eiffel Tower Replica

Eiffel Tower Replica key chain.
Eiffel Tower Replica
By Imee from Journey To France

The Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most recognizable and iconic landmarks, also known as the symbol of Love.

And if you are looking for a souvenir from Paris, a replica of the Eiffel Tower is one of the best souvenirs you can give to your family, friends s or even your loved ones.

The replicas come in various sizes, made of bronze and metals; some are keychains or house ornaments, making them suitable for various occasions, whether a birthday, anniversary, wedding or just a gesture of friendship.

The Eiffel Tower replica can be a tangible reminder of their trip and experiences. It brings back cherished memories of the time spent in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

For those who dream of travelling to Paris one day, receiving an Eiffel Tower replica as a gift can fuel their wanderlust and serve as a constant reminder of their travel aspirations.

By Imee from Journey To France

14. Souvenirs from Disneyland Paris

Bracelet with Disney characters.
Disneyland Souvenir
By Grace from Pixie Dust and Passports

If you’re visiting Paris and feel like checking out the House of Mouse, there are several souvenirs you can buy. Not only can you pick up a few wonderful Loungefly backpacks (which are known for their kitsch pop culture designs!), but you can purchase Park Exclusive Pandora charms that are only sold in the parks!

From glistening castles that represent La Belle du Bois Dormant to Minnie Mouse clutching the Eiffel Tower, your options are virtually endless here. If you’re looking to buy a few Pandora charms, you’ll want to head to the Hollywood Jewel Box in Walt Disney Studios.

This store offers by far the most comprehensive selection of charms that’ll seriously jazz up any bracelet.

By Grace from Pixie Dust and Passports

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