What Souvenirs to buy in Paris

Faberge Eggs showing an outdoor Paris gathering.

But what souvenirs should you buy in Paris or France? What trinkets can you take home to remind you of your time in the City of Lights. Here are some memorable things to buy in Paris. Make sure to add them to your Paris shopping list!

What Souvenirs to buy in France

Pinterest images of France bottle opener and books and paintings on the banks of Siena river.

And of course, there are a zillion posts on what to see and do in France when you visit. But what do you take home from this land of elegance and romance? Or what do you buy for your relatives when you go back home from France?

What should I wear in Zanzibar?

Collage of images of clothes.

What to wear on the beautiful island of Zanzibar in Tanzania? How to fit in in Zanzibar with the right clothes while respecting local customs and culture.

How the majesty of Masada awed me

At-the-top of Masada Wall.

*This post was previously live on my other site TheWingedFork. While on our way to discover the secrets of the Dead Sea region and the healing properties of the Dead Sea, we stopped …

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Jerusalem – The Old City, Eternal City

Scenic view of the old city of Jerusalem.

Visiting Jerusalem, Israel is interesting, educational and spiritual. The CityofGold is home to Tower of David, Israel Museum, Via Dolorosa. Read more about Sarah’s trip here, and the marriage proposal’s she received.