Souvenirs to buy In Seville, Spain

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Seville (or Sevilla, as it is known in Spanish) is one of the most ridiculously beautiful cities I’ve ever had the privilege of visiting. It has a rich heritage of both Christian and Islamic occupation during the last 1500 years, and whether you spend two days in Seville or an entire week, you’ll be astounded at the beauty and history of the city.

When you stay in Seville, you can see a lot of the influence of these different cultures in the architecture, food, and culture of Seville, but also in the different typical souvenirs from Seville that you can buy.

There are quite a few fascinating things to buy in Seville and in this post, we’re covering 6 different items you should definitely consider bringing back as souvenirs from Spain.

1. Ceramics

Mosaic ceramic pots and dishes for display on shelves.

You can find beautiful ceramics all over southern Spain, one of the many aspects of Andalusia that reminded me of Morocco. Of course, this makes absolute sense, since pottery and ceramic making really flourished during the Islamic period of the Iberian peninsula, and thankfully has continued to today.

Ceramics are particularly special in Seville, thanks to the thriving industry, and the fact that these ceramics are reminiscent of the stunning mosaics found in palaces throughout the city.

Delicate and intricate ceramics are actually made and painted in the Triana district of Seville, which is just across the river from Torre del Oro, the Real Alcazar, and the Seville Cathedral (and Triana is a fascinating area to stay in Seville). In Triana, you can find ceramic shops galore, but there are others in the center of Seville that are worth shopping at as well.

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2. Flamenco Dresses

Variety of flamenco dresses displayed in a shop in Seville.
Flamenco Dresses

Flamenco dancing is an evocative style of dance famous in southern Spain, and Seville is one of the best places to watch Flamenco in all of Spain.

A flamenco show generally involves 2 female and 1 male dancers, and the women often wear dresses designed in red or black (although other colors are worn), and the skirts have flounces and layers, so the skirts can be held and swished during the dance.

Watching a flamenco show is a must-do when in Seville, and picking up a cute Flamenco dress to bring home is a great souvenir, particularly if you have any young girls in your life.

3. Flamenco Shawls

You can find these beautiful, triangle-shaped shawls for sale throughout Seville.
Flamenco Shawls

Shawls are often used during a flamenco dance and are actually incorporated into the dance itself (not just worn), as the women twirl and twist them as they move across the stage. You can find these beautiful, triangle-shaped shawls for sale throughout Seville. They come in numerous bright fabrics and beautiful designs, and always feature a delightful long fringe.

4. Hand Painted Fans

Variety of Hand Fans for display in shop at Seville.
Hand painted fans

Gorgeous, decorated fans can be found all over Seville, and have served many a purpose over the years.

Of course, fans are incredibly practical to help stay cool during Spain’s intensely hot summers. Fascinatingly, the way that fans were positioned and the gestures and movements used with the fans were also used to communicate unspoken messages to potential male suitors.

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Today, fans are commonly used in flamenco dances as another accessory to move and snap in time with the music.

5. Mantillas

Mantillas are intricate, black or white, lace veils that are worn across the top of the head. Mantillas can be rather short (going to just below the shoulders), or extend to the waist or farther.

These veils are traditionally worn when going to churches in Spain, for weddings, during Holy Week, or sometimes even for bullfights.

Mantillas in Spain are considered heirlooms that are passed down to female family members. If you have a loved one who is Catholic or who just enjoys lovely, delicate items, a mantilla might be a great souvenir from Seville to bring home.

6. Iberico Ham

Iberico ham sandwiches served in a shop in Seville.
Iberico Ham

Spain, including Seville, is known for the distinctive Iberico ham that is bred and produced within a couple of hours of the city. This ham differs from other, more “ordinary” ham in that it is a cured meat made from Iberico pigs found only in the southern part of the Iberian peninsula, and these pigs are mainly fed a diet of acorns. This gives the ham a distinctive savory, nutty flavor that is delicious on its own or in a sandwich.

Unfortunately, this is not a souvenir you can bring home if you live in the United States or Canada, as foreign meats are expressly forbidden to bring back into the country. However, if you live within the EU, packages of jamon iberico are a delicious, local food to bring home to share.

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The Wrap Up

Seville has a rich cultural heritage, which is manifest in the traditional goods for sale in the city. While the best souvenir will be the memories and experiences of being there, the above options offer wonderful, tangible ways to keep those memories fresh by highlighting the distinct culture of Seville. Happy travels!

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