7 Best Souvenirs to buy in Savannah, GA

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Savannah, GA, with its beautiful old houses, charming churches, plentiful green spaces, delicious food, and warm hospitality, has long been a favorite warm weather American destination. If you’re lucky enough to spend some time in this historic, Spanish moss-draped city, you’ll certainly want some souvenirs to remember your Savannah vacation.

Often referred to as the Hostess City of the South, it only makes sense that so many of the best souvenirs to buy in Savannah are edible and make amazing hostess gifts. Whether you just have a day in Savannah or able to linger a little long in the Georgia city, be sure to spend some time browsing Savannah’s shops for special gifts. These Savannah souvenirs are all fun to share, but don’t forget to buy a few extras so you can keep a few special Savannah gifts for yourself!   

1. Honey

Retail Honey Shop in Savannah.
Honey from Savannah Bee Company

Savannah Bee Company is a favorite Savannah shop, offering a wide selection of bee products including honeys, meads, and beauty products. Tupelo honey – a rare honey made from the flowers of tupelo trees which grow in the swamps in the Georgia/Florida border area – is one of the many honeys you’ll find in stock. You’ll also find wildflower, orange blossom, special blends, and so many other types of honey. Be sure to sample both the honeys and meads in shop to make sure you go home with your favorites.

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2. Pralines

Pralines, sweets, buttery candy at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen.
Famous Praline Candies from Savannah GA

Pralines, a sweet, buttery candy studded with pecans are a Southern specialty. You can watch them being made and try praline samples at both River Street Sweets along the Savannah waterfront or Savannah’s Candy Kitchen in the city market. Do yourself a favor and get both original and chocolate!

3. Byrd’s Famous Cookies

Different cookies placed on a wall rack, Byrd's Famous Cookies Savannah.
Byrd’s Famous Cookies Savannah GA

These bite-sized cookies have been a Savannah classic since 1924. They come in 16 different flavors including the original Scotch oatmeal, popular Key Lime Coolers, and even a Georgia peach flavor. You can sample the myriad of flavors in the store. A tin or bag of Byrd’s Famous Cookies is super easy to throw in a suitcase at the end of your trip and is oh so tasty.

4. Anything peach inspired

Lighted peach candle, placed on the table.
Peach Candle from Salacia Salts Savannah GA

Georgia is the peach state and Savannah gift shops won’t let you forget it! You’ll find an array of peach-flavored items ranging from candles to peach cobbler mixes to wine in Savannah gift shops.

Be on the lookout for products from Savannah Sauce Company. They offer tasty peach-flavored jams, BBQ sauces, salsa, and other sauces. If you want something a little more long lasting, grab a hand-poured soy blend Georgia peach candle from Salacia Salts. Even if you think you don’t like peach-scented candles, you may find this candle’s delicate scent will win you over.

5. Gourmet chocolates

Specialty chocolates placed on the wall of Mirabelle Savannah.
Shopping specialty chocolates at Mirabelle Savannah GA

Swing by Chocolate by Adam Turoni in Savannah to pick up a selection of gourmet chocolates including chocolate honey bars, chocolate-covered nuts, truffles, caramels, and peanut butter cups. If you’re still on the hunt for honey items, you can pick up a jar of their honey caramel sauce. Another spot to grab unique chocolate in Savannah is Mirabelle. Not only is this sweet coffee shop a must-stop on any Savannah itinerary, but they also offer a “chocolate library” with a wide assortment of chocolate bars from around the world.

6. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

The most famous book set in Savannah is Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. Technically a non-fiction book, the book reads like a novel and recounts events in downtown Savannah in the 1980s. Swing into a Savannah book shop, like E Shavers Booksellers or Books on Bay to get your own special “from Savannah” copy.

7. Treasures from the Paris Market

Christmas tree at Paris Market in Savannah.
The Paris Market Savannah

You’ll find a lot of French inspiration in Savannah including cafes and shops. Bring home a little bit of Savannah’s French vibes from the famous Paris Market on Broughton Street. This favorite Savannah shop isn’t just home to “the prettiest coffee shop in Savannah.” The two-story store brims with French-inspired décor, beauty products, clothing, kitchen supplies, and more. Stock up on Savannah-themed Christmas ornaments, antique treasures, or a box of macaroons from the coffee shop.


Be sure to pack late when you head to Savannah to make sure you have plenty of space in your suitcase for all the lovely gifts you’ll find in this iconic Southern City. I hope this post helps you bring home a taste of Savannah to your friends and family and heightens your enjoyment of the Hostess City of the South!

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