30 Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts

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Sometimes the winter days pass so fast that one moment it’s late November and the next it’s Christmas and you’re left scrambling to buy gifts for loved ones and friends.

If you’ve left Christmas shopping to the last minute, or if you’re trying to lower your Christmas budget, these cheap gift ideas are a blessing.

Plus, making DIY Christmas gifts and ornaments like we did as children is a great holiday tradition! It’s easy to get the kids involved in many of these easy homemade gift-making and craft ideas. And as a bonus, you’ll make some wonderful memories as well.

From homemade Christmas sweets to DIY Christmas decorations, here are some great ideas for easy DIY Christmas gifts to make at home!

1. DIY Rustic Scrap Wood Snowman

This wooden snowman is made from scrap wood, or easy to buy cheap wood from a hardware store. As long as you have your own tools, it's the perfect gift for Christmas.
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2. DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

A DIY marbled nail polish mug is perfect for gifting friends and family. It's easy to use a range or colors or patterns.
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3. Mass Pav – East Indian Almond Marzipan Shapes

Mass pav as we call it is an ethinc East Indian Christmas gift that takes a few hours to make, but will have your loved ones asking for more. Or asking you for the recipe!
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moulded marzipan dessert.

4. Sew Fleece Mittens In Under 30 Minutes – Any Size!

Warm and lovely, mittens are the perfect Christmas gift. No need to knit or crochet, these fleece mittens can just be sewn together.
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5. Spinach carrot Xmas treats

These healthy and delicious spinach carrot Xmas treats are the best savoury Christmas snacks to enjoy this year. Yummy with buttery, soft inside, and crisp outside with crunchy flavours of spinach and carrot that you want to go more! Thoughtful gift giving!
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Spinach carrot xmas treats.

6. Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts: Felt Poinsettia Capped Mason Jars

This DIY poinsetta capped mason jar project is very simple and quick. Simply gather the materials, cut, assemble and fill the jar with some treats and you’re done!
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DIY felt poinsettas in a jar.

7. East Indian GF Coconut Cordial Dessert

Coconut Cordial is one of the easiest East Indian sweets for Christmas to make. And it tastes yummy too! It's the perfect addition to the tray of sweets you take to Christmas dinner or send over to relatives.
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coconut cordial dessert.

8. Rosemary Salt

Rosemary salt is an easy way to elevate herbaceous and zesty flavor in your favorite meat, fish or vegetable dishes! A great gift for an easy Christmas!
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rosemary salt mix made at home.

9. How To Make A Living Succulent Christmas Tree Ornament

If you’re looking for a unique, festive way to decorate your Christmas tree this year, this DIY succulent Christmas tree ornament tutorial is for you. It’s so easy, and you can take creative liberties to make these reflect your artistic style!
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succulent in an ornament for Christmas.

10. How To Make Homemade Soap (Step-By-Step)

Your very own soap bar can be a beautiful DIY gift or just a fun project for teens and adults out there. Here is a full step-by-step tutorial on how to make homemade soap.
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vanilla soap made at home.

11. East Indian Vanilla Cream Dessert Bites

Made of dried milk, sugar, and butter, these bite-sized Christmas milk cream sweets give toffees a run for their money.
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vanilla cream dessert bites.

12. How To Sew A Double Zipper Coin Purse

Cute baby yoda printed coin purses are the perfect gift for anyone. Use a good Christmassy print and gift family members.
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homemade double zipper coin purse.

13. Homemade Gifts For Friends {DIY Snow Globe Candle}

Want to make a unique and heartfelt DIY Christmas gift that is also useful This elegant and beautiful handmade snowglobe candle is perfect.
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homemade snowglobe candle.

14. How To Make A Bear Out Of A Sock With Free Pattern

This project is crazy cheap to make compared to buying something like this in-store. You could crank out a few of these in one sitting if you had enough mismatched socks that were cute. Plus, kids will love these homemade sock bears.
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bear made of socks.

15. Quick & Easy Holiday Spiced Apple Cider Recipe (With DIY Christmas Gift Option!)

This family holiday spiced apple cider recipe will fill your entire house with an unmistakable aroma. You'll love this special holiday treat!
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homemade spiced apple cider.

16. East Indian Sweet Shells – KulKuls Dessert – Abby’s Plate

Made by the indigenous East Indians of Mumbai, this dessert that masquerades as a snack is the perfect gift for friends and family.
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sweet Christmas dessert-snack kulkuls in a white bowl.

17. Mason Jar Hot Chocolate (Easy DIY Christmas Gift)

This easy mason jar hot chocolate recipe makes the best DIY hot cocoa Christmas gift. It's a completely customizable homemade hot chocolate mix that can be made in small, single-serve mason jars or in a large jar for a bunch of people.
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mason jar for hot chocolate.

18. East Indian Date Rolls – Date Cookies Recipe

East Indian Christmas cookies with soft date and walnut centers, these date rolls are a delicious treat perfect for gifting!
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date rolls on a black tray near a crib.

19. Best Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate fudge is one of the tastiest homemade candy snacks. Get a failproof recipe that makes the best Homemade Chocolate Fudge full of rich, smooth, and decadent chocolate to gift your friends.
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chocolate fudge squares.

20. Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs

Watch the rainbow appear when these bath bombs hit the water and start to fizz! They smell great, they’re fun to make and they’re soothing to the skin! Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs are a great gift!
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rainbow sprinkle bath bombs.

21. Felt Nativity Finger Puppets {Free Christmas Sewing Pattern}

Make your own finger puppet nativity scene out of felt! This is a great beginner hand-sewing pattern, as well as a good project for older kids or teens. This free nativity sewing pattern makes a felt Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.
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felt nativity puppets.

22. DIY Herbal Bath Salts: Easy Chamomile Recipe

Have you ever used herbal bath salts? You will be converted after making and trying out your very own! This herbal bath salt tutorial is totally customizable and makes a great gift. Plus, the kids can help out too.
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DIY chamomile bath salt.

23. Easy DIY Sock Bunny Sewing Tutorial

If you have a problem hanging on to your favorite socks, even when they have holes in them, this tutorialis for you. You can upcycle your favorite socks to make the cutest little DIY sock bunnies for kids.
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DIY sock bunny.

24. Salted Caramel Candied Walnuts With Rosemary

These Salted Caramel Candied Walnuts with Rosemary are a delicious, flavorful and healthy snack made in just 10 minutes with 5 simple ingredients. It makes an easy and fancy Christmas gift for your family and friends!
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salted caramel candied walnuts.

25. Festive Vegan Mince Pie Pops

You need to make these vegan mince pie pops during the holiday season this year! They make the most adorable Christmas gifts for friends, family, and neighbors.
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mince pie pops.

26. DIY An Adorable North Pole Sign This Christmas

With this easy tutorial, you can quickly DIY your own North Pole Sign for a beautiful addition to your Christmas décor or for a wonderful homemade Christmas gift.
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DIY North Pole Sign This Christmas.

27. German Christmas Cookies: Lebkuchen

German Christmas Cookies, also called Lebkuchen or German gingerbread cookies, are an authentic German cookie that is spicy, soft and incredibly flavorful. You can give them as gifts to your family and friends! Easy to make with aromatic lebkuchen spice mix.
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German Christmas Cookies called Lebkuchen.

28. Dairy Free Christmas Chocolate

Dairy free Christmas chocolate is perfect for the holidays and make the perfect homemade Christmas gift for family and friends. This easy homemade chocolate made from carob powder and cocoa butter is free from all major allergens.
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dairy free chocolate.

29. Fermented Lemons (Preserved Lemon Recipe + VIDEO)

Fermented lemons are a good fit for most diets, plus they are major allergen-free. A jar of fermented lemons would make a lovely gift for the foodies in your life.
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fermented lemons.

30. Chocolate Covered Cherry Fudge

Chocolate covered cherry fudge, a small batch of fudge for two made with just 3 ingredients!
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Chocolate Covered Cherry Fudge.

Will you be giving any homemade Christmas gifts to friends and family this year? Is it something from this list? Or is there something else you would add to this list?

Pinterest image of DIY Christmas gift ideas.
Pinterest image of homemade DIY Christmas gift ideas.
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