Where Christians can Volunteer in Israel

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What happened in Israel on 7th October was shocking and the indifference the world shows towards the Israeli hostages is inhumane. If you were one of those people who just wanted to rush there to help, maybe now is the time to think about it. If you want to volunteer but can’t, click through to this other list of Christian charities supporting Israel.

With the continued war on terror and many Israeli families being displaced by the attacks, there is much work needed to be done – packing supplies, medicines, providing meals, and more. While many of the local agencies such as Masa Israel and Israel Outdoors expect you to be Jewish to volunteer, there are some organisations that accept Christians and other volunteers too. If you have the funds and time are in a position to volunteer, here are some agencies that will help you get there. And a side note, it’s better to book the final leg of travel on El Al Airlines because regardless of the military or political situation, El Al does not cancel flights, as opposed to most other airlines that cancel flights at the drop of a hat.

1. Sar El

The Sar-El program is a non-profit service organization that provides an opportunity for Jews and non-Jews to participate in a service program without really enlisting in the Israeli Defense Forces. Founded by General Dr. Aharon Davidi in 1983, and called Sar El – The National Project for Volunteers for Israel or Service for Israel, it’s run by the Israeli Logistics Corps.

Volunteers join the program for 3-weeks and stay on the base Sunday through Thursday. You don’t have to be Jewish to join, you just have to be a supporter of Israel and above 17 years old. There is no upper age limit.

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Sar El volunteers live on a military base and work in logistical support performing tasks such as packing emergency supplies, medicines and more. People from all walks of life can experience this program, especially now that volunteers are needed much more than ever.

Website: Sar El
Phone +972-3-682-9740
Fax: +972-3-682-9743
Email: info@sar-el.org

2. Authentic israel

Normally offering community experiences in Israel, Authentic Israel started accepting volunteers to stand in solidarity with Israel and help out volunteering 4 to 6 hours a day. Although tours are tailored for Jewish visitors, volunteers of all backgrounds are accepted. You will get the change to work packing items to support displaced communities, or picking and sorting harvested crops for foodbanks, or prepare meals for active-duty IDF soldiers. Experiences are 4 days or 7 days long but can be grouped back-to-back if you want to stay longer.

Website: Authentic Israel
Phone: +1-202-537-6056 or +972-3-630-6324
Email: info@authenticisrael.com

3. Sword of Iron – Israel Volunteer Opportunities

A Facebook Group with almost 28,000 members, you’ll find grassroots volunteering opportunities here. Started by Kim Yocheved Ruttenberg after she flew in to Israel with 27 duffel bags of supplies for her brother in the army, this group is a great resource for locals and visitors alike. Hagit Greenberg Amar, the co-founder is also a big part of the group.

If you’re already in Israel and looking for an opportunity to volunteer, this is where you’ll find the real boots on the ground stuff. The opportunities range from cooking mealsor BBQ for the IDF soldiers, packaging goods, being body therapists, and working or fruit farms or horse farms.

Facebook: Sword of Iron
Instagram: swordofiron.israelvolunteer

4. Israel Food Rescue

Rabbi Randy Brown started Israel Food Rescue in response to the dire needs of Israel farmers that were affected by the war. Since starting, volunteers of all religions from 17 different countries have visited to help on this 5-day volunteer work missions in Israel to save fruits and veggies on half-abandoned farms or farms where workers were killed.

The Israel Food Rescue agricultural volunteer program works with smaller family farmers who don’t receive the same governmental intervention as the bigger moshavim or kibbutzim. The minimum stay is 5 weeks, the max is as long as you can. Ages accepted are 30 to 80 years, but you need to be healthy enough to do about 6 hours of work a day and belong to a country that grants ETA-IL visas.

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Website: Israel Food Rescue
Email: info@israelfoodrescue.com

5. Startup Reserves for Israel

Not your regular volunteering program, Startup Reserves for Israel was founded by Zoe Burian for Jewish individuals living outside Israel to volunteer a few hours a week to Israeli startups that are suffering from the effects of the war. With most of workforce being part of the IDF Reserves, many companies are facing a shortage of 20 or 30% of their people. Surviving is difficult.

Zoe and Michael’s Startup Reserves have put together a global force of over 4,500 skilled volunteers to bridge the gaps in Israel’s workforce. If you are a skilled professional who can contribute between 5 to 20 hours a week to keeping Israeli tech companies alive, the form to sign up as a volunteer is here.

Website: Startup Reserves for Israel
Email: info@startupreserves.org

6. Eran’s Angels

A community of friends that started out responding to a need Eran’s Angels has been in operation since 2014. Back then it was called The Angels and provided food, clothing and other products to soldier, Holocaust survivors and other families. It also distributed food and necessities during Corona. When partner Eran Hazan died, The Angels were renamed Eran’s Angels. During the Iron Swords War, the angels have grown in number from 80 volunteers to over 1500.

Located at the Expo complex in Tel Aviv, they continue to provide water, food, clothing, supplies, combat equipment, housewares and more to displaced Israeli families and soldiers. To volunteer, fill their online form and they’ll get back to you.

Website: Eran’s Angels
Instagram: eransangels

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This is a work-in-progress list of volunteering opportunities for visitors to Israel. If you know of any others that should be added to this list ping abby@abbyshearth.com or comment and let us know.

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