Historic São Jorge Castle, Lisbon

São Jorge Castle.

São Jorge Castle or Castelo de São Jorge or St. George’s Castle, is a historic castle and one of Lisbon’s most iconic landmarks. Located on top of the São Jorge hill, the highest in Lisbon, right next to the historic Alfama District, São Jorge Castle is a treasure trove of Portuguese history.

Scottish souvenirs: What to bring Home From Scotland

Scottish souvenirs.

With its historic castles, vibrant cities, friendly locals and the unique landscape from Portree to Inverness, Scotland is the perfect holiday for anyone looking for an adventurous and cultural escape. But what mementos do you bring back home to remind you of your Scottish holidays?

Antique Architecture at Notre Dame, Paris

Exterior of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Throughout history, Notre Dame has held importance in Frances’s political and cultural life. Notre Dame is a must-see attraction for anyone who visits Paris, whether you are a first-time or repeat visitor.

The Ancient Serbian Krupa Monastery in Dalmatia

Krupa Monastery entrance building.

Built by Bosnian monks under the patronage of King Milutin of Serbia in 1317, Krupa Monastery is one of the oldest in Croatia. Home to books collections that are centuries old, walls displaying painted frescoes by Serbian monk Georgije Mitrofanović, and a collection of famous treasures.

Invincible Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan

Exterior view of Kumbhalgarh.

Hidden within Rajasthan’s Aravalli Hills, Kumbhalgarh Fort is a magnificent representation of Rajputana’s architectural brilliance. Constructed in the 15th century by the renowned Rana Kumbha and the birthplace of Maharana Pratap’s, Kumbhalgarh Fort holds a wealth of history and fascinating stories.

What Souvenirs to buy In the UK?

Different Sounvenirs from the UK.

Whether you’re on a holiday trip to the UK or visiting Britain for the 10th time, there’s always something to put in your backpack and come home with. From tea cakes and kettles to real tea bags or British Silver and gin, or souvenirs from Harrods or Fortnum and Mason, here are a few English souvenirs to help you remember your UK trip.

A Visit to Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg

Exterior view from Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg

Alsace is known for a lot of things, but one of its most famous landmarks is undoubtedly Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg.

Located on a hill in the Vosges mountains, this medieval castle stands as a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage. From aristocratic inhabitants and powerful emperors to violent wars, there’s a lot of history here.

What Souvenirs to buy in Spain?

Souvenirs from Spain.

What do you bring back home with you from Barcelona or Madrid or Mallorca or anywhere else in Spain? From unique mememtos like el caganer to bottles of wine and abanicos, here are some of the Spanish souvenirs to cart back home with you.

Souvenirs to buy In Seville, Spain

Variety of Hand Fans for display in shop at Seville.

With a rich Christian and Islamic heritage in Seville, you can see a lot of the influence of these different cultures in the architecture, food, and culture of Seville, but also in the different typical souvenirs from Seville that you can buy.

7 Best Souvenirs to buy in Savannah, GA

Specialty chocolates placed on the wall of Mirabelle Savannah.

Spend some time browsing Savannah’s shops for special gifts. These Savannah souvenirs are all fun to share, but don’t forget to buy a few extras so you can keep a few special Savannah gifts for yourself!   

Souvenirs to buy in Bali

Street souvenir shopping at Kuta.

Bali offers a treasure trove of unique souvenirs that reflect the island’s artistic prowess and cultural heritage. What to buy in Bali when you visit.

Imposing Cadiz Cathedral (Catedral Nueva), Spain

Exterior view of Cadiz Cathedral.

One of the most imposing cathedrals in Spain is Cadiz Cathedral in the coastal city of the same name in southern Spain. Recognized by its golden dome, it stands pompously between the promenade and the quaint Plaza de la Catedral square. It is one of the most prominent landmarks in Cadiz and one that you should not miss when visiting the city.