What Souvenirs to buy In the UK?

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Whether you’re on a holiday trip to the UK or visiting Britain for the 10th time, there’s always something to put in your backpack and come home with. From tea cakes and kettles to real tea bags or British Silver and gin, or souvenirs from Harrods or Fortnum and Mason, here are a few English and Scottish souvenirs to help you remember your UK trip.

1. Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa Cake boxes.
Jaffa Cakes
By Josh from A Backpacker’s World

Jaffa Cakes are enjoyed by Brits all across the UK whether it’s with a cup of tea or simply as a snack. When visiting the UK, not only should you try some for yourself, but you should take some home with you as a souvenir as it’s not possible to buy them anywhere else.

Aside from tasting delicious, Jaffa Cakes are a staple in British history and are loved by all generations. Not to mention the fact that there have even been lawsuits over whether Jaffa Cakes are biscuits (cookies) or cakes!

You can buy them from pretty much any supermarket and they aren’t too pricey too which is good if you are travelling on a budget.

Jaffa Cakes are absolutely delicious – so go and try them for yourself, and you’ll be sure to want to bring a whole suitcase worth home with you!

By Josh from A Backpacker’s World

2. UK Ceramics – Printed Plate stand

Historic locations of UK embossed on a plate.
Plate stand from Scotland and London
By Abby from Abby’s Hearth

Ceramics are a great way to remember your UK trip. From simple single item souvenirs showing your favourite Tower of London or Westminster Abbey or Edinburgh Castle, to bigger plates that showcase a range of historical sites be it in England, Scotland or Wales and Northern Ireland.

Available in many souvenir shops across the land, these ceramic pieces can easily fit in a curio cabinet, on the mantelpiece or in a display case, so they’re the perfect reminder of your time at the different historical sites.

By Abby from Abby’s Hearth

3. Tunnock’s Tea Cakes

Tunnock's Tea Cakes in a box.
Tunnock’s Tea Cakes
By Heather with Arbours Abroad

There’s plenty of amazing food to try in Scotland, but the sweeties really are something else. Bringing home a box of Tunnock’s Tea Cakes is like bringing the flavors of Scotland back to your homeland.

Tunnock’s Tea Cakes are a traditional sweetie, or treat, in Scotland that you can find at any of the grocery stores. They come in a vintage looking cardboard box, and then are each individually wrapped in foil to preserve the freshness of each treat.

The vintage look of the packaging comes from the Tunnock’s company being around since 1890! So it truly is a historical Scottish treat.

What is a tea cake you ask? The bast of the tea cake is a Scottish biscuit, which is then topped with an extremely fluffy marshmallow, before being completely coated in milk chocolate. It’s truly a drool worthy treat, and one I’m sure anyone will enjoy!

By Heather with Arbours Abroad

4. Anything From Harrods

Exterior building at Harrods
Harrods London
Pic by Chauhan.shweta14 – Wiki Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0

“If you are looking for the best souvenirs from the UK then you need to visit Harrods and purchase something to take home with you. Because chances are that if you’ve only heard of one department store in the UK, this is it.

And while everything here is lovely, you could buy some English Breakfast Tea, a Harrods Christmas ornament, Turkish Coffee, a tea towel, a Harrods teddy bear, and more. Just be careful because items here tend to be a bit expensive.

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Afterward, enjoy one of the best afternoon teas in London at Harrods. Or, head to the food hall to grab some artisanal cheese, fresh danish pastries, and amazing bread to take home with you. You can also marvel at the Egyptian elevator which was the first escalator in London in 1898.”

By Linda of Linda on the Run

5. Tweed – Scotland

Variety of scarfs placed on one another.
Tartan (Harris tweed) scarfs
By Kristin from Scotland Less Explored

Tweed is a woven wool material. You can get tweed with no pattern, but herringbone or tartan are the patterns that are most associated with Scotland. Harris Tweed is the most exclusive type of tweed, and it can only be produced in the Outer Hebrides. It often comes in earthy tones reflecting the colour of the Scottish landscape and the island’s pretty beaches such as Luskentyre.

Today you can find a wide range of items made with tweed since it is such a popular souvenir. Some of the most useful items to look out for are jackets, scarfs, soap kits and cushion covers. You will find tweed items on sale all over Scotland, from cities in the south such as Edinburgh, to Isle of Skye in the north.

By Kristin from Scotland Less Explored

6. Laverbread – Wales

Box of laverbread.
Box of laverbread
Pic by Kristin of Scotland Less Explored

Laver is a traditional Welsh dish made with seaweed. The laver is made by boiling seaweed to a consistency which looks like paste with a dark-green, nearly black colour. It is eaten on bread and has a salty taste, a bit like what you would expect something from the sea to taste like. It is highly nutritious and is sometimes called a “superfood”.

It can be bought in local supermarkets, markets and souvenir shops all over Wales. It comes in many different forms – it can be fresh, frozen or canned in a glass jar or tin. The last two options are perfect souvenirs because they are easy to bring home and last for a long time.

By Kristin from Scotland Less Explored

7. Warwick Castle Souvenirs

Windsor arrow shape pen.
Warwick Arrow Pen
By Abby from Abby’s Hearth

Built by William the Conqueror, Warwick Castle became famous as a stronghold during the Hundred Years War. As the second oldest castle in the UK, it’s magnificent. Once you’ve purchased your entry ticket (which you can prebook), the start of your visit might feel a bit like you’ve walked into a tourist trap, but once you’ve entered the actual castle it’s quite an unforgettable experience.

Dungeon visits, archery shows and more will activate your imagination. I loved the archery and thought what better way to remember your visit to a Medieval British Castle, than with a pen that resembles an arrow. I got the arrow in the pic above back in 2011 when I visited with my sis-in-law. The inscription reading Warwick Castle is worn, but it’s still a fun reminder to have in the display cabinet.

Of course, they also have the cute Shakespeare or little knights key chains, fridge magnets, and coasters and many other trinkets to grab.

By Abby from Abby’s Hearth

8. Bottle of limited-edition Oban Whisky

Bottle of Oban Whiskey placed on a table.
Bottle of limited-edition Oban Whisky
By Becky from Cultivate Traveling

Are you a connoisseur of fine spirits with a taste for Scotch whisky? If your travels take you to Scotland, a visit to the Oban Whisky Distillery is an essential experience for your itinerary. Nestled in the Western Highlands, Oban is not only a picturesque harbor town in the Hebrides Islands but also home to a distillery steeped in history and tradition.

Founded in 1794 by two pioneering brothers, Oban Distillery has seen various owners yet has consistently maintained its commitment to excellence. Despite being one of Scotland’s smallest distilleries, Oban has made a significant impact on the whisky world. Its 14-year-old single malt is celebrated as one of the six classic malts of Scotland. In recognition of its exceptional visitor experience, the distillery’s visitor center was awarded the Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions’ Best Visitor Experience in 2017.

With a dedicated team of seven, Oban Distillery offers intimate One Hour tours at their Stafford Street location for groups of up to 16 people. Remarkably, the distillery has remained in its original location since its establishment, resisting the urge to relocate or expand.

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When you visit, take advantage of the opportunity to acquire a unique and memorable souvenir by purchasing a bottle of Oban whisky. Exclusive limited editions are only available at the distillery. These are not just souvenirs but tangible, delectable memories of your Scottish adventure, perfect for sharing with friends or savoring during special moments.

During a visit in August 2022, we selected two exceptional bottles. The first, “Old Teddy,” is part of a trilogy celebrating three generations of the Maclean family’s distilling legacy, with only 3,960 bottles released. The second, the Oban Distillers Edition – 2022 Collection, is another exclusive treasure, adding to the allure of Oban’s rich whisky heritage.

By Becky from Cultivate Traveling

9. Welsh love spoon magnet

Welsh love spoon magnet.
Welsh love spoon magnet
By Paulina from the UK Every Day

The people in Wales continue to honor Saint Dwynwen, who is considered the patron saint of love. One of the unique traditions that locals follow is celebrating her legacy. Every year, they come together to Anglesey Island to commemorate her life and the impact she had on the community.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a unique and meaningful souvenir to bring back from the UK, consider the Welsh spoon magnet. These beautifully carved spoons have a rich history and are deeply rooted in Welsh folklore.

Traditionally, young men would carve these spoons from a single piece of wood as a love token for their sweethearts, symbolizing their affection. The earliest surviving example of a Welsh spoon can be found in the Welsh Folk Museum in Cardiff, dating back to around 1667. However, the tradition itself is believed to have existed long before that.

By Paulina from the UK Every Day

10. Hope Blamire Pot Stands

Hope Blamire Pot Stands.
Hope Blamire Pot Stands
By Alison of Everything Arisaig

I came across the Scottish artist Hope Blamire on Facebook and loved her photos which she then painted on canvas. Apart from selling the original and prints, she started printing them on table mats, coasters, pot stands, cushions and other items.

The pot stands, one with a scene from Arisaig and the other a Highland cow, take pride of place in my kitchen and every day as we serve up dinner, I’m reminded of the beauty of Scotland even though I’m thousands of miles away.

Pictures on the wall often become less noticed but a picture on your dinner table every day doesn’t! You can even splash out on the placemats and coasters too and have lots of scenes of Scotland’s stunning west coast right in front of you every day reminding you of the happy times spent there!

By Alison of Everything Arisaig

11. Liberty Print Knot Watch

Liberty Print Knot Watch.
Liberty Print Knot Watch
By Ruma from The Holiday Story

Liberty Store in London is one of the famous gift stores in the UK. This iconic store was built in 1920 with timber showcasing true English architecture. Customers love their large collection of silk scarves, perfume, luxury watches, jewellery, dresses, home decor items, etc.

One of the most popular items in Liberty is the coloured print knot watch with Liberty silk fabric. It’s twisted to attach to the watch. You can tie it to wear the watch. These watches look stunning with Liberty Scarves.

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The bright colours and designs of these Print Knot Watches go perfectly with bright summer days. The scarves can be detached for cleaning purposes. The designs of the dial cases are matched with the scarves. The price of these watches is within £50. These watches from the iconic Liberty store in London can be the perfect gift for loved ones.

By Ruma from The Holiday Story

12. Charles Rennie Mackintosh mug

Charles Rennie Mackintosh mug.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh mug
By Alison of Everything Arisaig

I’ve bought several Charles Rennie Mackintosh mugs over the years and been gifted a few too. I have a range of designs on my kitchen shelf.

Mackintosh was an artist with an unique style for the late 19th century. His rose became famous and his work included furniture and even buildings, such as the Glasgow School of Art and the Willow Tea Rooms.

You’ll see his designs across Glasgow and a Mackintosh mug will not only look elegant on your coffee table but will remind you of your trip there.

Be sure to get a good quality cup like a Dunoon mug as your tea will taste so much better.

I’ve gifted many Charles Rennie Mackintosh mugs when I’ve travelled from Scotland and they’re always much appreciated. If you buy them for yourself, you’ll soon hear compliments about your unique mug!

By Alison of Everything Arisaig

13. Silverware from F&M

F & M store silverware boxes.
Silverware from F&M
By Goya from Goya Galeotto

After visiting the UK, the home to many wonderful and unique afternoon teas, it’s no surprise that visitors may want to bring some of this tradition back home with them. What better way to do this than with some stunning silverware from the iconic Fortnum and Mason?

Their silverware is more than just utensils; they are a work of art. Think gleaming silver teapots and tea sets, monogrammed sugar & creamers, tea strainers, infusers, cake servers and preserve spoons with intricate details mimicking fine sugar icing. Each piece designed exclusively for Fortnum’s and crafted with such skill and attention to detail that it’s truly a joy to behold.

Why does this make a perfect souvenir? Well, apart from serving their purpose at tea time (or bringing a touch of sophistication to any table, really!), these items are also a fantastic way to bring a touch of British elegance into your home. So, not just a souvenir, a Fortnum and Mason silverware piece is a little part of British heritage you can enjoy every day!

By Goya from Goya Galeotto

14. Blackpool Rock

Blackpool Rock
Blackpool Rock
Pic by Hazel Scott – Wiki Commons CC-BY-2.0

Blackpool rock is a delicious treat that people of all ages love. Made from hardened sugar and flavoured with fruity or minty flavours, it is a mouth-watering delight that will satisfy any sweet tooth. It is a quintessential symbol of Blackpool’s vibrant and lively seaside town. Its colourful appearance and iconic lettering running through the centre make it a unique and visually appealing souvenir. Whether enjoyed by oneself or shared with loved ones, bringing home a piece of Blackpool rock is a delightful way to remember your visit to Lancashire.

By Jenni from Chilling with Lucas

Which of these amazing souvenirs from the UK do you have on your mantelpiece? And which one are you planning on buying on your next trip to Britian? Comment and let us know!

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